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Welcome to FoSho STUDIOS! We are a full-service content studio based in ‘sunny’ Glasgow, Scotland. We specialise in the development and delivery of audio-visual content, you know the stuff, video production, commercial advertising, photography, podcasts, video editing and team training for those interested in developing in-house production skills.

Let’s take you back to the before times, 2017. We were called FoSho Video back then because we focused on smartphone video production and training. Fast forward to today, we have evolved into a full-service content studio, delivering audio-visual content across corporate, commercial and creative. We do all of this from our video production Glasgow-based studio – one of the most creative and connected cities in the world.

We exist to make great content with great people. We are a team you can draw on anytime you need to empower your creativity and create the best content possible. We do this with a mix of skills across video, film, photography, editing, design and training – as well as content strategy, communication and digital marketing.

Our core crew of content experts work with key specialist suppliers to ensure you receive the best service possible.

There is no one-size-fits-all with digital-first content. Sometimes we make it for you; often, we make it together, and other times we’ll up-skill your team to make it themselves. Scroll down to see some of our work. Now go and explore!

We look forward to creating some great content with you!


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The Kids Who Fell To Earth

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Behind the Scenes: Full-Service Production Process

Want to know the secret recipe to creating outstanding content? Well, buckle up because we’re about to take you through our 8-step production process. Welcome to FoSho STUDIOS! Every journey starts with a single step and this this From The Field Episode we’ll discober them all.

From Concept to Creation: How to write a video production brief | FROM THE FIELD E13

Download our 2023 Video Production Brief for Free. Writing the brief is the first thing to do if you’re serious about creating content. You might want to film a client case study, a product feature, an interview, or a TV ad, but the briefing process is similarly essential for all. Writing a brief at the start of the process allows you to get the project, objectives and key messages super clear in your head. And then it allows you to quickly and easily communicate what you need to the creative partners you’re working with.

Use it or lose it: how to maximise your marketing budget before year end | FROM THE FIELD E12

From Concept to Creation: How to Maximise the Impact of your Video Content | FROM THE FIELD E12 TL;DR: It's time to allocate any remaining marketing budget before year end And the best news is, you can take your time, this doesn’t involve scrambling to spend...

From Concept to Creation: How to Maximise the Impact of your Video Content | FROM THE FIELD E11

Why do we need to worry about content?

Because there is only one universal way to get attention. That way is to tell stories.

A story is an idea you put out into the world. A story can be a case study, or a Q&A, or a product feature, or a drunken thought scribbled on a cocktail napkin and then created as a video blog for your website.

You have to put stories out into the world if you want people to pay attention to you.

How to make more video content with less | FROM THE FIELD E10

Imagine the look on your marketing team’s faces if you told them you could create more content, with less money and the quality doesn’t suck.

There is a way! It’s about leveraging different skill sets. And all it takes is a creative partner to facilitate it.

That’s where we come in.

How much does video cost? | FROM THE FIELD E09

We get asked a lot about the cost of making video. And while we’re tempted to respond with “how long is a piece of string”, this blog delves deeper into the complexities of costing out content.

The ultimate recipe for great content | FROM THE FIELD E08

Our aim at FoSho STUDIOS has always been simple – to create great content with great people.

Over the years we’ve made some amazing content and recently, we realised that there are 4 key ingredients you need to make great content: communication, collaboration, productivity and quality.

When these ingredients are developed over time, slow-cooked if you will, it makes an amazing meal. Right, enough of the cooking puns…

FoSho Flashback – Student projects from our crew | FROM THE FIELD E07

We’ve all gotta start somewhere, right?

Individuals with an ambition to work in the creative industries are faced with a variety of challenges. We all work hard to develop the skills that will make us employable in the future.

The ultimate desk setup that every creative needs | FROM THE FIELD E06

As creatives, we spend a lot of time at our desks. Combine that with Covid-19, and the ongoing shift to remote working, and most of us are sitting in one spot for more hours than ever before.

With that in mind, it’s important that your desk setup is the best place to create, inspire, focus, plan and deliver.

Content bringing warmth across the nation | FROM THE FIELD E05

Warmworks make a real difference to people’s lives, but they lacked engaging content to convey the true scale and impact of their work. With a Scottish Parliament reception to be held in June 2022, Warmworks needed new content to communicate why they exist, what they offer and how they deliver their services.

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