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  • Creating awesome content isn’t actually magic, it’s equal parts creativity and planning
  • Our 8-step production process will take you through the FoSho steps – from initial chat to releasing your content out into the world!
It starts here, with an idea

Want to know the secret recipe to creating outstanding content? Well, buckle up because we’re about to take you through our 8-step production process. Welcome to FoSho STUDIOS!


Every journey starts with a single step. And our journey together starts with a short discovery call. This is an opportunity to get to know each other and understand your project. 

During this call, we’ll chat through any information you’ve shared with us, such as a brief (never written a brief before? This handy ‘how to’ will help. We’ll also ask key questions to build our understanding of the project and how we can help.

We understand the budget question is sometimes challenging to have with a new supplier, but we will probably ask ;). We have open and transparent pricing, so you are confident in your investment with us. No matter what your budget is, we can let you know what is / isn’t possible.

After confirming the details, we’ll send a project proposal, estimated costs and our terms of service. Once approved, we’ll introduce you to one of our Producers like Paul, who will be your single point of contact for the entire process. We’re not a solo act here at FoSho and we like to make sure all our CREW get their R&R, so if your Producer is not free, there’s always someone here to help.


During the development stage, our team takes the project from the initial idea we discussed into a fully realised concept.

Your Producer will work closely with our Creative Team, your internal team and any key stakeholders to ensure that the content we create aligns with your vision and stays true to your brand.

We maintain regular communication with all stakeholders to ensure that we’re all on the same page as we develop an initial script, and any pre-visualisation materials.


During the Pre-Production stage, your Producer thoroughly prepares everything required for the upcoming production, to ensure that everything runs safely and smoothly.

This includes tasks like transportation, scheduling, risk assessment, casting, and creating a production plan – all with your team’s input/approval of course. We’ve worked on diverse clients from e-commerce brands like Fiodh to charities like RZSS and the education sector, so no project is too complex!

The preparation phase allows us to anticipate and address any potential challenges, saving you time and money whilst ensuring timely, high-quality delivery of the project.


During the production phase, our expert team captures content with the latest equipment, overseen by your Producer to ensure safe and smooth operations.

We keep you informed throughout and have all the main equipment required for corporate videos to cinematic commercials in-house and at our disposal 24/7. These are the tools of the trade; so owning and mastering them saves us time and money on every production. you can see some of our work here.

And let’s not forget our production studio in the city centre of Glasgow which provides a dedicated space for audio-visual content production, from product videos to podcasts.


During Post-Production, an expert editor takes the captured content and carefully crafts it to align with your objectives and brand guidelines.

This involves adding any necessary special effects, colour grading, sound mixing and voiceover work to create a polished final product.

For larger commercial projects, we offer clients the option to schedule sessions in our studio to oversee any post-production elements in-person. This ensures that the final product is precisely what the client envisions, and any feedback or revisions can be addressed in real-time with live collaborators.


This is the best part! You get to review all the efforts up to this point to bring your vision into reality!

We undergo a thorough internal review with the Producer and Head of Creative before sharing the first draft with you through our online review system.

We streamline the revision process by using a single online link and the system allows for easy collaboration and feedback. As standard, we include 3 rounds of revisions to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations.

Sharing and distribution:

It’s not enough to simply create amazing content; you need it to be seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

During the initial development stage, we work with you to define the best distribution channels that align with your marketing goals – and we ensure we deliver the content in the exact formats you need. 

We help our clients leverage various channels, including social media, email newsletters and paid advertising  channels, to release your content and track its performance using key metrics. This allows us to target the right audience and optimise your content’s reach.

If you need additional support, our team can also collaborate with Evermore Communications, our trusted marketing partner, to maximise your content’s impact.


You’re not alone. We’ve delivered some amazing content and made sure it’s out there in the world and being seen by your audience… The story continues.

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond project completion. We don’t just sign off and disappear – your success is our success.

With tailored aftercare services, we ensure that you are maximising the benefits of your new content. From data analysis to ongoing support and training, we build lasting relationships, helping you achieve your business objectives over the long term.

Great content is made with great people, but it starts with a simple discovery call – book yours today below!

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