There is no one-size-fits-all with content and every piece we craft is 100% unique to you. Our process is designed to work as an extension of your team and you can explore the stages we usually go through to make sure your content is perfect!

We place our relationship with your team, stakeholders and participants first and foremost. We love what we do and care deeply about your experience making content. We consider ourselves a content partner and hope you do too.

At its core, our process is driven by strong communication, modern technology and a collaborative approach.


Our journey together starts with a short discovery call so we can better understand your project and chat through any briefs or information you’ve shared with us. We’ll also take you through our open and transparent pricing, and let you know what is / isn’t possible for your budget. 

After confirming the details, we’ll send a project proposal, estimated costs and our terms of service. Once approved, we’ll introduce you to one of our Producers who will be your single point of contact for the entire process.


During the development stage, our team takes the project from the initial idea we discussed into a fully realised concept.

Your Producer will maintain regular communication with all stakeholders an initial script and any pre-visualisation materials, to ensure it aligns with your vision and stays true to your brand.


During the Pre-Production stage, your Producer thoroughly prepares everything required for the upcoming production including transportation, scheduling, risk assessment, casting, and creating a production plan – all with your team’s input/approval of course.

The preparation phase allows us to anticipate and address any potential challenges, saving you time and money whilst ensuring timely, high-quality delivery of the project.


During the production phase, our expert team captures content with the latest equipment, overseen by your Producer to ensure that everything runs safely and smoothly.

We have the majority of equipment required for corporate videos to cinematic commercials in-house and at our disposal 24/7. And let’s not forget our production studio in the city centre of Glasgow which provides a dedicated space for audio-visual content production, from product videos to podcasts.


During Post-Production, an expert editor takes the captured content and carefully crafts it to align with your objectives and brand guidelines. This involves adding any necessary special effects, colour grading, sound mixing and voiceover work to create a polished final product.

For larger commercial projects, we offer clients the option to schedule sessions in our studio to oversee any post-production elements in-person. This ensures that the final product is precisely what the client envisions, and any revisions can be addressed in real-time.


We undergo a thorough internal review with the Producer and Head of Creative before sharing the first draft with you through our online review system.

We really value all feedback and there are unlimited comments and include three comprehensive rounds of review. More are sometimes required but not often and our aim is to make the best content possible!

We streamline the revision process by using a single online link and the system allows for easy collaboration and feedback.


It’s not enough to simply create amazing content; you need it to be seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time. We work with you to define the best distribution channels that align with your marketing goals – whether that’s social media, email newsletters or paid advertising channels.


Our commitment to our clients goes beyond project completion. We don’t just sign off and disappear. With tailored aftercare services, we ensure that you are maximising the benefits of your new content. From data analysis to ongoing support and training, we help you achieve your business objectives over the long term.

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