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  • External creative teams can offer a fresh perspective that comes with specialist expertise
  • It’s vital to have a shared vision and work together as partners – it’s not for everyone
  • Successful creative partnerships help both parties to grow and develop


Creative partnerships, for any brand, come with myriad benefits. But the real treasure lies in finding a team whose vision aligns with yours while still contributing fresh, exciting perspectives.

Many organisations inevitably consider moving more creative in-house at some point, whether for web development and graphic design or video production. Interestingly, these organisations with their own specialised teams often approach FoSho STUDIOS, seeking our expertise in content consultation, production, and crafting stories that truly engage audiences.

But why? What makes a deep-rooted relationship with an external specialist team so valuable in this era teeming with generalists and DIY’ers?

The value of specialists in a world of generalists

Creating content is within everyone’s reach; there’s no arguing with that. However, it’s the quality of the content that truly matters, and by quality, we don’t simply mean the calibre of the camera equipment used. What is truly essential is the thought and energy invested into what unfolds in front of the camera; the ultimate purpose of the video, not merely the video itself. As our managing director, Fynn, frequently notes, “video is not the solution, it’s what’s inside the video that’s the solution.” It’s all about capturing the essence of the subject, shaping it, refining it, and finding creative experts that fit with your brand values and your people.

We have long-standing creative partnerships with many brands including the British Heart Foundation, Cobry, Beyond Borders, the University of Glasgow, and, notably, our ongoing media partnership with the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

These types of relationships require ‘a good fit’. There needs to be shared values which include respect, honesty, trust and ambition to create something bigger than the sum of its parts. When you have a relationship like this with a creative supplier that has deep industry knowledge and understanding of your specific brand, it’s a powerful combination.

Each project becomes more streamlined and cost effective each time which at the end of the day creates more value for both parties and results in higher quality output. We all want great content and this requires great relationships.

Check out some of our work together:

Celebrating the written word, fostering original thought

The Edinburgh International Book Festival (EIBF), a celebrated non-profit, serves as a unique international stage for the written word, literature, and ideas. They connect leading and emerging British, Scottish and international authors and thinkers to provide inspiration through an expansive public event schedule. FoSho STUDIOS initially partnered with The Edinburgh International Book Festival in 2018 and and we’ve been capturing content for the festival since then.

Now… we appreciate the irony of crafting audio-visual content for a festival dedicated to the written word. A large part of our content creation process, fittingly, originates from the written word, which itself stems from a spark of an idea, an inspiration that gradually evolves into something more tangible.

In a digital age now saturated with AI, it’s worth remembering that these technologies are mere reflections of our own ideation. Original thoughts from an external organisation provide invaluable insights not weighed down by history or politics. As FoSho STUDIOS, we are outsiders invited into a brand’s ethos, and we are privy to their ambitions, aspirations, and challenges. This unique perspective, coupled with our ability to take a broad, external view, imparts significant value to our partnership.

A shared focus on quality

A partnership is not just a word, it has deep meaning and expectations – it’s a two way street. Our relationships with some brands may be singular, dictated by budget constraints or project-specific opportunities. But sometimes, a short term relationship boils down to a divergence in values and working styles. We prize honesty and an unwavering focus on efficiency and quality. If things aren’t working you need change and a clear relationship to openly and honestly discuss them.

We have witnessed massive change through our partnership with the EIBF – including a festival location change, team changes, and of course a pandemic! Working consistently with a brand allows us to navigate changes seamlessly, and pivot where necessary. However our brand partnership remains strong due to the shared vision to create great content with great people. The Book Festival is truly filled with great people!

Mutual growth through partnership

Since 2018, our involvement with the Book Festival has evolved into a media sponsorship, providing additional value to further support their big ambitions. We are a small company with big ideas and matching ambitions. The Book Festival, like other organisations we work with, supports us in our growth journey, ensuring we can offer benefits to our team such as above-average wages, additional holidays, subsidised gym memberships, and a fulfilling work environment.

The Festival’s support has been instrumental in our evolution as an organisation, offering opportunities to expand our horizons, and introducing us to some of the most amazing people in the world, from renowned writers and artists to the organisers and technicians that keep the Festival running.

A story of endless possibilities

Ultimately, we relish our partnership with Edinburgh International Book Festival because the content we create and the experiences we share improve over time, just like a good book. This ongoing collaboration is a testament to the endless possibilities when shared ambition, creativity, and respect unite. It’s our own unfolding narrative, continually enriching, continually inspiring.

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