Glasgow’s Virtual Production Studio: MiniVPS Update | FROM THE FIELD E18


  • We’re working towards opening our Mini Virtual Production Studio (MVPS) in Glasgow, making this technology accessible to a broad range or people, brands and projects.
  • Virtual production enables filming in any location from one location, blending real and digital environments. It saves time, money, and reduces environmental impact.
  • By reducing costs, energy usage and the overall footprint, our solution opens up virtual production to smaller creative projects.

A new approach to virtual production:

Creating content is changing rapidly. With the swift development of AI, VR, AR, MR, and a few more acronyms we’ll add in the coming years, content creation has never been so accessible and affordable. However, a challenge for people engaging with this content is that it often lacks authenticity and the human touch of creativity that makes someone’s investment in content so valuable.

The great news for those who use these tools to elevate their content creation is that it’s an amazing time to be alive, whether you’re creating content for the fun of it or for a specific purpose like engaging an audience, creating change, and building a brand.

It’s the latter of these goals that FoSho Studios is particularly interested in. Our mini virtual production project with Innovate UK and subsequent R&D project in-house has been an exciting venture for us within this space.

WTF is Virtual Production?

Virtual production, or VP for short, replaces the green screen as a way of filming a person or an object in a location by using a digital screen linked with cameras and lighting to create a realistic filming environment. This blends a real foreground with a digital background, incredibly freeing creatively and allowing both creators and participants to feel like they’re actually in that location. This approach starts to blend the production process, pulling production and post-production into the pre-production stages. As a result, it saves a lot of time, money, and the environmental impact of location filming.

Virtual production represents a significant step forward for content creation, transcending traditional barriers of on-location filming and photography: time, cost, and environmental impact. Imagine filming a marketing video for your business with locations in the centre of London and in the Australian outback. It’s complicated, time-consuming, damaging to our environment, and expensive.

Why is virtual production out of reach (for most)?

We found out the hard way. Nearly the entire virtual production industry is designed around big budgets and the supply chains to match. The equipment, workflows, suppliers, software – it’s all designed for budgets that most simply can’t justify. So, this content either doesn’t get made, or it is scaled back to traditional on-location filming, costing more time, money, and environmental impact.

As professional content creators, we aim to use the latest equipment, software, and techniques to create the highest quality content as efficiently as possible. The cost of content production can be factored by three things: Talent, Tools, and Time. By investing in Talent and tools, you can save time, and by saving time, you can reduce costs. However, with virtual production, the setup costs for a traditional virtual production studio are enormous.

Virtual production is becoming the norm when it comes to high-end film, TV, and big-budget ad spots. What’s not the norm is smaller budget projects being able to access this time-saving, creatively freeing, and environmentally friendly solution. It’s too expensive and complicated for most content creators. We’re talking about video marketing, social content for brands, SMEs, charities, independent creatives, and low-budget film and TV.

Will the future of content be virtual?

Maybe, but not totally, and probably not in our lifetime. We have the ambition to put FoSho STUDIOS at the forefront of a revolutionary shift in the content creation landscape. Our journey into virtual production (VP) is not just about fancy tech; we plan for this to transform the way we create content and make this production process truly accessible. By focusing on what the majority of content creation requires, we’re able to create a virtual production studio that has a smaller footprint, requiring less experienced crew members, in more central locations, and importantly, lowering the cost of Virtual Production.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure today you have already read or seen content that was created primarily using artificial intelligence, and we’re relatively sure that it was not a great experience. We see the future of content to be a hybrid of artificial including virtual and authentic human creation. It is at that point of merging the two that will allow for valuable content creation that respects the audience and creates value for both parties – those that create the content and those that engage with it.

Why we’re working so hard to develop our own virtual production studio is that we can’t access this ourselves – it’s too expensive and the locations aren’t convenient. We don’t need a 30,000 square foot production stage or a 30-metre wide LED screen. What we need is a 300 square foot production stage and a 3-metre wide LED screen. That’s what the majority of online and social content needs, and that’s what we’re building.

Our Mini Virtual Production Studio will enable creative talent and clients to see in real-time what their content is going to look like, all in the comfort of a studio environment. One of the best parts about our studio is that it’s in the city centre, right next to major transport links, hotels, cultural experiences, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs – if you fancy it.

Stay tuned to FoSho STUDIOS for future updates as we continue to navigate this exciting journey, bringing the power of virtual production to our clients and beyond. The future of content creation is here, and it’s virtual, accessible, and unmistakably FoSho.

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