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Alec Pearson is a career and leadership coach, committed to putting high performing individuals on the path to success. After upskilling on some powerful new tools, Alec decided to embark on a full rebrand. He needed informative, engaging video content and high-quality photography to elevate his online presence.

The aim of the project was to populate Alec’s new website with bespoke content, introducing Alec’s approach to coaching and highlighting his range of specialist services. It was essential for us to also reflect Alec’s personality, professionalism and enthusiastic style throughout the content.


As a coach, Alec is his own product, so it was key to feature him front and centre in the content.
We proposed creating four separate content pieces – one flagship introduction to Alec and his approach, plus three shorter pieces introducing specialist coaching tools, for viewers who wanted to dive a little deeper.

Our Producer, Paul, has a writing background and worked extensively with Alec to refine his script. Coaching is never a one-size-fits-all approach so we focused on distilling the complexities of Alec’s approach to ensure the content was still snappy and easily shareable for Alec’s busy global audience.

Alec Pearson Coaching Flagship Video


We developed 4 videos for the website rebrand and sharing on social media – plus a suite of photography. We needed to work within a defined budget, so our objective was to maximise cost efficiencies with a dedicated photographer and videographer on site capturing pre-prepared scenes over a single day. This was managed by our Producer start to finish to ensure everything sailed smoothly.

We ended up filming in a hotel, but the sets were dressed to be modern and professional and with little touches that spoke to Alec’s core audience. The content was captured using a teleprompter so that we kept to script and on schedule. This allowed us to ensure we captured all the key messages and with the right atmosphere on set, it was easy for Alec to bring his natural energy and communication style to the table.


Creating this video and photography was powerful because it allowed Alec to launch his new website with authentic, bespoke photography and video – not stock footage! The content has also given Alec the opportunity to highlight his new professional qualifications on web and social.

Coaching is relationship-based and its success relies on the connection between coach and client. Alec’s new video content series succinctly conveys his services and approach, and is used to attract attention on his website homepage as well as as collateral for client outreach.

Introduction to Clifton Strengths

Introduction to Belbin

Introduction to Energy Leadership Index

Working with Fynn, Paul and the team at FoSho Studio was both a fantastic and pleasurable experience.  

I was really impressed with their services and help from the start to the end of the project.  With meticulous preparation and planning, video script advice & building and the filming & photography on the day – everyone at FoSho Studios made the whole process so easy, so relaxing and so enjoyable.   

The result were 4 excellent videos and photographs for my website which captured my brand and services so well, in fact better than I could have imagined.   I really look forward to working with Fynn, Paul and the team again in the future.   Thank you all!

Alec Pearson

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