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Cobry helps businesses to embrace a modern way of working by moving to Google Cloud. To do this, Cobry needs to convince everyone from IT Managers to CEOs to break free from the constraints, complexities, and costs of legacy technology. It’s not an easy task. It involves communicating both the technical and strategic benefits of Google – in a way that attracts attention.  

Cobry knew that they needed to create more content to engage their customers, and that video is the key channel that allows them to communicate this technical information in an easily digestible way. The problem was, there often wasn’t enough time or resource to deliver video content fully in-house, or the budget justification to fully outsource it.

How do you create more content, with less?


Like most companies, Cobry has a huge depth and breadth of knowledge and experience within their team – it just needed to be harnessed. That’s where FoSho CREW comes in. We assessed the internal capabilities within Cobry, and then we elevated those raw skills through training and support to build Cobry to a point where they can now comfortably capture their own content.

We call it co-production – and we help every step of the way. Content planning. Script writing. Equipment. Lighting. Setting up the camera. We helped develop the Cobry team to have all the tools and skills needed to capture content fully autonomously. They then upload the footage simply and quickly, and get back to their day while the FoSho team starts editing!

FoSho CREW. You capture, we create. 


Like any good relationship, FoSho CREW is about getting to know each other. We took the time to understand the Cobry business, their customers, and their staff who would be contributing to the content. From this base of understanding we’re best placed to upskill and train their team as content partners, which can be done remotely or face-to-face on site. 

We developed a bespoke package for Cobry including: on-site training with the FoSho team; equipment like branded backdrops and a new camera; and sound & lighting tailored for their office space. We then set to work on an ongoing training and development program, giving key internal staff the skills needed to plan content, write scripts, and set up and record high quality footage.

Training + equipment + ongoing support


Cobry is a remote-first company, so it’s a huge timesaver being able to film content whenever it suits them (not when it suits a production company!) In the last quarter Cobry has created video content for blogs, social media, digital ad campaigns, customer newsletters and sales activations, and increasing the quality of these has had a measurable impact on reach and engagement.

Moving to a co-production model has allowed Cobry to create more video content than ever before – without increasing their marketing budget. When customers land on Cobry’s digital channels they see regular, high-quality video content befitting a progressive tech company. They look like they’re spending a lot more on content than they are – and that’s the beauty of co-productions!

Co-production. More content, for less.


Don’t take our word for it:

We’ve been working closely with FoSho for several years now. We’re very careful about who we engage with for services but our month-in, month-out collaboration with them over those years has been a real success. We always measure our work with external parties on the basis of ‘confidence’ and ‘competence’ i.e. do we trust and enjoy the working relationship, and are they really good at what they do? FoSho effortlessly tick both those boxes. The skill and imagination they bring to their work is of the highest level. 

But they go way beyond that – they’ve actively coached and developed the video skills of our internal team meaning that we’re tuned into what makes a good video and whether it achieves our goals or not. They’re also very commercially-minded – their work doesn’t operate in a vacuum – instead they have the marketing knowledge to ensure that the video you’re making actually achieves something and connects with your audience. We know from experience that this mix of expertise isn’t common – and it’s meant that the work we’ve done with them has made a material difference to our profile, not to mention get us plenty of compliments!

Colin Bryce
Managing Director, Cobry

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