Dunoon Rail & Sail – Wild About Argyll


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CalMac Ferries and Wild About Argyll wanted to highlight how easy it is to reach Dunoon by Rail & Sail through the use of web and social video. The request was to create a video that celebrated the best that Dunoon has to offer and highlight the Rail and Sail Offer as the perfect opportunity to get there. The content was to additionally provide partner organisations with rich content to share with their communities.


We suggested to tell the story through a first person point of view highlighting this through personal reflection from a day visiting Dunoon from Glasgow. We recommended we produce a flagship video that could be held on websites and video channels with a social trailer. In addition to this, we pitched to create three social bites to further entice audiences across social media to visit Dunoon via rail and sail. This resulted in what we call a mini-campaign.


Video 1: The flagship video showing a full-day experience traveling from Glasgow to Dunoon and the amazing things to see and do.

Video 2: This is a 1-minute video trailer of the longer piece to share specifically on social media and produced in square format with subtitles.

Video 3-6: These three sub-1-minute social bites were created in order to re-engage audiences across time as a mini campaign.