Look Up. Be Inspired.


Cosmos Showreel


The Enchanted Forest were looking to create two cinematic films in celebration of their 2019 theme, COSMOS. The content was designed to sell tickets for that year and create some buzz around the dazzling light and sound show.


Marketing Teaser Film – this will be used in the early days of this year’s event to sell any remaining tickets and to encourage visitors to attend. It will sell the “essence” of
the show as a family event, focussing on the enjoyment of visitors and the wonder of the audio-visual experience that they enjoy. It is important that this video does not overplay the show’s highlights but can record people’s reactions to them, ensuring that audience members wish to enjoy the event for themselves and are still given an opportunity to explore and discover the event when they are on site without feeling like they’ve “seen it/heard it all on screen”.

It is anticipated that this video will be no more than 45 seconds long, incorporate the official show sound-track (which will be provided), have a strong call to action to purchase tickets and will be used predominantly on social channels. Because of the nature of the videos purpose, abbreviated creative team credits will be
used, but the final visual must be a call to action to purchase tickets.

COSMOS Showreel – this will be used post event on the show’s marketing platforms as a record of the full show, highlighting all the features and incorporating the official show soundtrack. It will be no longer than 90-120 seconds long and incorporate full creative team credits.


Film 1: Look Up. Be Inspired. This promotional film was used to market the festival across digital and traditional platforms.

Film 2: Cosmos Showreel. This film celebrated the event post-festival and for promotional purposes for upcoming years.

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