Cost of Living Crisis

Scottish Universities Insight Institute


The Scottish Universities Insight Institute needed a creative partner for a project to highlight the harsh realities of the UK’s cost of living crisis. They wanted an agency capable of tackling complex subject matter with sensitivity and experience incorporating input from various stakeholders. The project’s intent was to merge personal narratives with factual research, providing an empathetic yet enlightening perspective on the crisis.


With access to numerous authentic experiences, we chose to centre our approach around three individual stories, each depicting unique reactions to the crisis. These narratives spanned personal approaches to challenges in the community, illustrating the diverse responses to the economic challenge. We also capitalised on an upcoming symposium featuring industry leaders discussing solutions to the crisis, which offered a broader, expert perspective to accompany the personal narratives.

Jordan’s Story:


The execution required meticulous planning due to the logistical challenges of capturing the content within two production days. We faced a demanding schedule shooting three case studies spread across Dundee and Glasgow and the symposium at the University of Strathclyde, with a small crew consisting of a self-shooting director and a camera-lighting assistant.Through rigorous pre-production and development work, we crafted a comprehensive plan so we knew exactly what we were capturing and how. Our prompt post-production efforts allowed us to premiere one of the case studies at the symposium, which effectively highlighted personal narratives with the research-driven discussions.

Taylor’s Story:


The combination of research-driven content and compelling personal case studies was incredibly effective at promoting understanding and conversations around the cost-of-living crisis. Rather than focusing solely on statistics and economic indicators, we brought to light the relatable human stories behind the crisis. The true impact lies in highlighting these narratives and sparking dialogue, encouraging all stakeholders to confront the crisis and collectively seek sustainable solutions.

Sidra’s Story:

Cost of Living Flagship:

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