High Rise

George Diaz | De Angelis Records


De Angelis Records were looking for creative and production services that could bring George Diaz’s debut song to life.


High Rise is a song with a message. A message that alludes to the precarious state of mental health in young men. More specifically, this story is set around a high rise block of flats, a confined space where isolation can exist despite living amongst so many.

The treatment for this music video was our Creative Director’s interpretation of what is going on in a young mans’ head as he thinks about the value of his life.

It is less a literal interpretation of the lyrics, but more an allegorical representation of a young mans’ state of mind and the internal battles that many have to endure. We introduce George Diaz as the observer in our narrative. We felt it was important that George is the focus of this story as it is his debut as an artist – and we want his audience to get to know him on-screen. 

A lost spirit was washed ashore in limbo. Unable to leave, he must first make his peace and return to the High Rise.


A debut music video that speaks to the songs unique message and launches the artist onto the world stage.

Behind The Scenes:

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