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Fiodh has an amazing product – The Whisky Watch. It’s handcrafted in Scotland from reclaimed whisky barrels, literally steeped in history. The brand creator, Michael, also has a meaningful origin story to tell – but not enough people know about it.

When you see the Fiodh watch (it looks cool as by the way!) and you hear the Fiodh story, the products sell themselves. But standing out in a cluttered online selling environment isn’t easy – how do you drive traffic and generate interest from a new audience? Fiodh needed to build their brand presence in the hearts and minds of consumers and drive qualified customers to their website.


Video is still the most effective way to emotionally connect with consumers. The watches are awesome so if customers find the Fiodh website, there’s a solid chance of a sale – but we need to get them there. With hundreds of watch brands on the market we needed content that would differentiate Fiodh and tell its unique story.

Once the content was created we needed to make sure it was seen by the right people at the right time. To achieve this, we partnered with Evermore Communications to create custom digital audiences. Together, we crafted a campaign to leverage short and long form content aimed at driving brand awareness and sales.


Bringing the content to life was an ambitious production with multiple locations – including one at the top of a mountain, which was no small feat to achieve, both creatively and practically. We brought it to fruition by working closely with Michael, on pre and post production, understanding his vision for the brand and story behind the product.

With multiple locations to navigate throughout our 2.5 day shoot, it was important that we chose the right tools for the job; powerful but compact equipment to keep us light and agile without restricting the creative vision (and tiring us out too quickly). This project was also a great opportunity to work with a talented team, specialists in their craft, all banding together to bring Fiodh’s story to life.

The Whisky Watch – Brand Ad (Short)

00:40 | H.264 | 4096 × 2160

The Whisky Watch – Brand Ad (Long)

02:09 | H.264 | 4096 × 2160

Meet The Maker

04:03 | H.264 | 4096 × 2160

Meet The Maker Social Trailer

00:55 | H.264 | 4096 × 2160

The Whisky Watch – Reels

~00:30 | H.264 | 1080 × 1920


Creatively, the results truly speak for themselves. The planning, scriptwriting and post production combined to create content that emotionally connects with consumers and heroes the product.

The Whisky Watch 40sec ad is currently live across Google shopping and Instagram ads driving traffic towards sales at Fiodh’s website. The Whisky Watch Brand Film is positioned at the top of the Fiodh homepage, sharing the story of the products’ inception with customers from around the globe. The Meet The Maker Interview piece is live on the Journey page, an opportunity for customers to discover the origins of the brand and learn more about the ambitious man behind it all, Michael Youmans.


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