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Royal Zoological Society of Scotland | RZSS 2030 Strategy


The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) has a pledge to reverse the decline of at least 50 species by 2030. They needed an inspiring visual representation of this strategy and to create dynamic content for their hybrid Annual General Meeting.

The content needed to also help communicate their strategy to their audience across their social media channels and generate a variety of still images and video content.


We needed to create content that would professionally communicate the RZSS aims and also elicit a sense of pride. As the content would run both online and in person, we needed to grab attention quickly – and keep it.

We captured a wide variety of footage and timed this for the weather, animals and the park as a whole, as well as sourcing historic and global footage to integrate into the films.


Our priority in executing the RZSS project was creating high quality content – within a tight budget and tight timeline. We had two filming days at Edinburgh Zoo and two days at Highland Wildlife Park with a crew of 3: a self-shooting director, a producer and a sound operator/production assistant.

We hired specialist camera equipment that enabled effective filming of animals across the parks and used our in-house drone and licenced camera operator to capture drone footage to show the scope of their work.


RZSS worked with FoSho STUDIOS to close off a challenging but successful year and motivate membership retention. The content created also laid the path forward – to inspire members and depict the bold strides that RZSS will take in the next 10 years.

RZSS now also have a suite of professional content on file to enrich their website and social media, plus a bank of footage and imagery that we can leverage for future projects.


Still Images:

Screengrabs: 4096×2160 @ 25fps & 120fps

RZSS 2030 Strategy:

02:59 | H.264 | 4096 × 2160

Strategy Social Trailer:

00:55 | H.264 | 4096 × 2160

AGM Year In Review:

11:13 | H.264 | 4096 × 2160


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