Setting the Stage for Sustainability

Reset Scenery


It’s not all glitz and glamour in the film, TV and stage industry. Beyond the camera lights hides an enormous waste problem, a secret Reset Scenery knew all too well. They’re working their socks off to make the industry more circular, but they needed to get the word out and build connections. The leadership team knew they needed powerful video content but they didn’t quite know what they needed and how best to create the dynamic content they needed to drive their not-for-profit business forward.

Behind The Scenes of Reset Scenery


Harnessing our belief in storytelling as a change-maker, we decided to craft not one, but two films. The first, ‘From Seedling To LandFill’, was a dramatic journey through the lifecycle of sets, from forests to forgotten heaps. Using compelling stock footage, this film shone a light on the pressing need for industry reform. Our second offering was all about celebrating Reset Scenery’s game-changing solutions. By delving into the heart of their Glasgow operations, we aimed to reveal the passion, dedication, and sheer scale of their sustainable vision.

From Seedling to Landfill


Creating the right narrative demanded a meticulous approach. Our team delved deep, spending time with the team and learning about the challenges in the industry and how they are helping to correct them. There were key visuals that would have been out of budget for us to capture ourselves so we spent countless hours sifting through stock footage to portray the wasteful practices in the entertainment industry without it ‘looking like stock’. This foundation was paired with our intensive learning Exercise about reset scenery and their business. Following this, we worked with the team to craft key scripts to communicate their businesses mission, vision and values for the other video. With a one-day shoot at Reset Scenery’s Glasgow warehouse we captured all of the content needed to craft both videos ensuring minimal impact on their busy operations.

Social Trailer: From Seedling to Landfill

Social Trailer: Behind The Scenes of Reset Scenery


Our project with Reset Scenery has significantly improved the presentation of their business with captivating and informative content rolled out across social media and their website. Now, every visitor now gains a richer, more profound understanding of their pivotal work. For newcomers and loyal followers alike, it’s an insight not just into services, but the passion driving their mission.

And the results? A noticeable uptick in potential partners rallying to their cause, eager to sculpt a new circular economy. Beyond the digital realm, our films have bolstered Reset Scenery’s pitch game, making waves at events, public engagements, and pitches, amplifying their value proposition to the industry and, indeed, our planet.


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