The Enchanted Forest

Light, Sound and Imagination


Every year, Scotland’s most anticipated event unfurls in the extraordinary backdrop of Faskally Wood, Pitlochry. Enchanted Forest is a spectacle of light, sound, and exploration. Words struggle to paint the full picture, and still images fall short of capturing the vibrancy and visitor experience.. The event team knew they needed a video partner to turn their ambitious vision and modest budget into compelling on-screen content.


That’s where we came in. Equipped with the creative, strategic and technical skills to ensure their ideas blossomed on screen without overstepping the budget or under-delivering on content quality. We worked closely with the event organisers to plan and execute the video production process and ensured that we knew exactly what the deliverables where to contain so that the project could be delivered within the tight timeframe between the show being ready and it needing to be promoted. We identified models to work with that reflected their core audience and target demographic. We then mapped out key locations to highlight audience interaction and where dynamic visuals could be captured that sold the event best!

Cosmos Social Trailer:


On the opening night, we shifted our focus towards capturing the energy of the event. We filmed wider shots featuring crowds, catering, and the event’s sound and light design. These elements were brought together to create the Showreel, a post-event summary designed to highlight the full breadth of the event and serve as a record for staff, funders, and the public.

Together Social Trailer:


The videos we created were uber successful on Enchanted Forest’s owned channels , with significant reach on both Facebook and YouTube. The Enchanted Forest Cosmos Teaser alone garnered 37.6k views on Facebook and 4.8k views on YouTube. Facebook content performed well across the board with 14.2k views for the EF Cosmos Showreel, 30.6k views for the EF Together Teaser and 3.3k views for the EF Together Showreel.

In addition to social media marketing for the event, our content was used for news reports and broadcasts on STV, with monthly viewers of up to 3.2 million.

Cosmos Flagship:

Together Flagship:

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