The Kids Who Fell To Earth

Choose Your Own Adventure


Eureka Edinburgh came to us with an interesting challenge. For years, founders Craig and Nicola have performed an educational stage show called The Kids Who Fell To Earth for primary schoolers across the UK (and internationally!) The show teaches kids about science and climate change through protagonists Zing and Zong, two larger-than-life blue aliens.

The Eureka Edinburgh team decided to apply for a grant to digitise their show into a fully interactive online experience. Our challenge was to translate the physical stage show into the digital world and make sure it was fun and interactive to keep kids engaged.


Eureka Edinburgh didn’t want to just film their stage show. Their ultimate ambition was to create a ‘choose your own adventure’ style interactivity element – so that kids across the world could engage with the content and still feel like they were part of the action.

We worked with the team to convert their stage script into a video script and a decision tree that allowed children to select answers to the questions posed by the characters. This led to creating an interactive collection of videos that seamlessly interlinked within the Stornaway platform and allowed kids to choose their own path and ending to the story.


Our execution involved a 2-day studio shoot, in a portable version of the Eureka Edinburgh travelling set. We filmed a series of tightly-scripted main and alternative storyline scenarios, as well as an opening scene, trailer, and promotional reels.

We shot multicam and wirelessly mic’d up – using a teleprompter to keep on track. Pre-production and scheduling was essential, especially with the added challenge of live science experiments (FYI… liquid nitrogen evaporates over time!) The multiple scenarios also increased post-production time, and we needed to factor in digital effects and animation too.


By going digital Eureka Edinburgh now has a lasting online product that they can sell globally to schools, children’s organisations, science and education festivals, and arts and environmental events. The sky’s the limit! And importantly – Craig and Nicola don’t need to spend any additional time delivering lines or be physically present at all – everything can happen remotely and on auto-pilot!

There’s also the option to dub or subtitle the film in multiple languages, expanding their reach to an even broader audience. Eureka Edinburgh can now globally market The Kids Who Fell To Earth, creating a new online business opportunity as well as cumulative income and brand recognition over time.


We have had an excellent time working on this project with FoSho. When Craig and I first saw some funding was available to turn live stage shows into an online offering, we knew straight away who we wanted to work with.

We had previously worked with FoSho on another project and had a great, fun experience in a relaxed but highly professional and organised environment.

This time round, the project was much bigger. The FoSho team made the filming days really easy and took care of all the pre and post production, working closely with us to help realise our vision.

The content they created is of a really high standard and initial pre-release testing has led to great responses from our customers. We’re really excited to get the finished product out there and are delighted FoSho came onboard to help us increase our online presence.

Nicola Louise Shepherd
Eureka Edinburgh


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