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We were approached with the task of demystifying the complex world of primate research for a diverse audience. The challenge was to create content that resonates with families and individuals of varying backgrounds, many without a scientific foundation, who visit the Living Links Research Centre. These visitors, both on-site and online, have a keen interest in understanding the research and the centre wanted to provide an engaging experience and an easy way to understand the visitor experience. Our goal was to transform their curiosity into comprehensive understanding, making the intricate details of primate behaviour, cognition, and their evolutionary ties to humans accessible and engaging.

Living Links Tour


This project is all about experience, education and encouraging curiosity into the fascinating world of our evolutionary past. There was a clear need for content that could live on various platforms, from the Living Links Centre’s on-location screens to its website and social media channels, so we designed a suite of videos. These included a Living Links Tour Video, thematic explorations of primate behaviour, and insights into citizen science. Each piece was crafted to not only inform but also to inspire a connection with the primates and the research that sheds light on our species.


Primate Tool Use

Our Living Links

Animal Culture


It was vital for all involved that we ensured accurate and engaging information. For this reason, we worked with a wide variety of Living Links staff and researchers, working with them to craft scripts that perfectly encapsulated the subject in an engaging and interesting way. The production spanned over only 2 days because we dedicated a lot of time to understanding the aims and objectives for each piece of content. With meticulous planning, dynamic scripts and a detailed shot list we had everything we needed to craft this suite of videos. The post-production phase was structured to refine the narrative through editing, visual effects, and the integration of engaging music that matched the tone of the content. Subtitles were embedded to ensure accessibility, aligning with the inclusive ethos of the project.

Social Behaviour

Essence of Play

Citizen Science


Our content serves as a bridge, connecting the public with the nuances of primate research and fostering a deeper appreciation for our closest animal relatives. The impact of the video series across online and in the centre has transformed the experience for every visitor. There are now engaging touch points before their visit and key video information is presented on screens at key moments to engage and inform visitors. During the content, the audience transitions from a state of casual curiosity to one of informed appreciation and understanding. The content not only educates but also encourages active participation, inviting viewers to join the Living Links community and engage in citizen science initiatives.


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