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Warmworks is dedicated to providing affordable warmth to homes across the UK – in association with Energy Saving Trust, Everwarm and Changeworks. Warmworks have grown significantly in recent years but they lacked engaging content to convey the true scale and impact of their work.

With an upcoming Scottish Parliament reception, Warmworks needed new content to communicate why they exist, what they offer and how they deliver their services. After the event, the content would be used on web & social to further convey Warmworks’ incredible impact in the community.


We knew the Warmworks team had a lot to say – and a lot of powerful voices to get across in content. There was too much material for one online video – so our solution focused on mini features, each conveying a key pillar of the Warmworks brand – Role; People; Customers; Communities & Suppliers.

In addition, there was a longer flagship video which touched on all these key elements and provided an overview of the Warmworks brand. After the Scottish Parliament reception this content would be used to sit alongside the Warmworks rebrand and the website refresh.


The Warmworks project was hugely complex – 15 individual contributors from as far north as Orkney and as far south as London (and everywhere in between!) Communication and teamwork were key in pre-production to coordinate multiple schedules – all whilst hitting the important event delivery date.

A key element of the filming was authenticity – capturing real Warmworks customers, in their homes, speaking about their unique experiences. We ensured the Warmworks values were weaved throughout and always kept longevity in mind – so the team could use the content for years to come.


Having authentic, emotive content was a game-changer for Warmworks. While they had plenty of written content about their mission and services – nothing tells a story quite like video. Being able to film with real customers in their homes conveyed the Warmworks impact with colour and heart.

The Scottish Parliament reception was a massive success and the team received lots of positive feedback on the video. The content has also been used to tell the Warmworks story on their website and to send to prospective customers as part of their external communications plan.


Warmworks Flagship Video:

06:42 | H.264 | 4096 × 2160

Warmworks Shorts:

~02:00 | H.264 | 3840 × 2160

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