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Our aim at FoSho STUDIOS has always been simple – to create great content with great people.

    FoSho Content Recipe:

    Over the years we’ve made some amazing content and recently, we realised that there are 4 key ingredients you need to make great content: communication, collaboration, productivity and quality.

    When these ingredients are developed over time, slow-cooked if you will, it makes an amazing meal. Right, enough of the cooking puns.

    We’re going to talk you through how these elements work together, using the example of ‘Edinburgh Zoo Spooktacular’, a recent FoSho project with the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS).

    If you want to know how to get a first cut sign off, read on…..


    1. Communication

    Communication is the number one ingredient for any strong content relationship. Effective communication is clear, timely and kind, but it also requires mutual understanding and a shared goal.

    The Spooktacular project was successful because FoSho and RZSS were pulling in the same direction. We both wanted to create great content and we both knew we needed to communicate regularly, honestly and constructively to make that happen.

    This was facilitated by having a single point of contact within each organisation – Fynn on the FoSho side and Christine on the RZSS side. Fynn managed the planning and producing elements of the shoot while Christine was the conduit between various RZSS stakeholders – marketing team, senior management, guests at the event, and staff working all across the zoo.

    Christine and Fynn have worked together on multiple content projects since 2019. Their long running relationship enables them to communicate more with less because they know and understand the brand and technical requirements on both sides. An established relationship also means FoSho already had insights on the RZSS style, personal preferences and internal processes.

    Spooktacular! 2021

    Spooktacular! 2022

    2. Collaboration

    For us, collaboration means working together to create an outcome that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

    Relationships take time to build but the best content is created when clients see content partners as their team, not just ‘suppliers’. Having a shared sense of confidence and trust is essential as it breaks down barriers so all parties feel empowered to put forth ideas and approaches.

    This was our second year capturing the Spooktacular event, and it was much easier to collaborate with round two. As it was a live evening event there were a lot of moving parts, and we had to consider a flexible shoot schedule and manage our kit for low light levels.

    Having knowledge of the 2021 event allowed us to take all the learnings to improve and streamline for 2022. Iterating, testing and learning is critical to creating great content and is why we love establishing an ongoing relationship with brands.

    3. Productivity

    Having an active interest in content is key for productivity (and it’s also a big part of being a ‘great client’;) This means being interested in learning about content and the production process, so we all have an understanding of the information and assets needed to deliver a successful project.

    For FoSho, productivity is about getting ahead of the curve – understanding expectations and challenges ahead of time so filming runs smoothly, and being familiar with branding, style and tone. This is especially important if there’s a quick turnaround (which there often is!)

    With our Spooktacular project we were productive because we focused on people – client, crew, actors, other staff at the zoo. The tactic was to divide and conquer – Martin focused on the in-camera content, Fynn focused on the direction of the talent. Block, set, action, cut, reset, wrap.

    Spooktacular! 2022 Instagram Reels

    4. Quality

    At the end of the day we all want quality content. Creating that content is about driving the best quality output that you can within the confines of the project, whether those confines are budget-related, time-related, or equipment/crew-related.

    With our Spooktacular project we couldn’t have achieved the quality we did without communication, collaboration and productivity:

    Clear, timely communication with Christine
    Collaboration and trust built from an established working relationship
    And productivity to capture all the content within 4 hours and turn around the edit within 24 hours

    The result? A first cut sign off.

    And a happy client. And a happy content team. Win win win.

    Working with Fynn and the FoSho crew over a number of projects has helped build a solid foundation of trust that has proved invaluable in streamlining communication and production as well as creating a creative, collaborative working relationship that produces exciting and inspiring content for a range of platforms.

    I can’t recommend enough to spend the time with production to instil brand values and goals prior to filming. When we are aligned on vision, positioning and tone, which we often are with FoSho, sign-off is quick and easy because we rarely need edits, and the final product is always a perfect representation of what our organisation is looking for.

    A huge part of this is the team’s ability to plan detailed shoots that make for productive days and/or evenings. FoSho’s prep and pre-production processes have been a huge help in getting our ducks in a row for shoots within the zoo. With detailed risk assessments and consideration for our wild residents at the zoo, FoSho have never shied away from the difficulty of working with animals – or children!

    Christine Moorhouse
    Engagement and Communications Coordinator
    Marketing and Membership Manager, RZSS

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