What is the cost of creating content?

One thing is for sure – there is no one size fits all; sometimes we’ll make it for you, other times we make it together. We can also up-skill and develop your in-house team.

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PRICING: Full Service Content Production

Creating original content takes time, skill and resources. We work alongside your team to bring your idea (or ours) into reality.  Full service includes consultation, planning and pre-production, production crew and equipment for content creation, Post-production and review, as well as delivery and aftercare.  How long is your piece of string… in pound sterling?

You can find an indication of the investment required for different types of content below in this pricing estimate. We can help, or you can estimate everything you need if you know your ‘length of string’.

Podcasts (Audio and/or Video):

Professionally produced audio/video podcast for multi-channel release. 

Starting from ~£350

Corporate Comms:

Created using interviews, pieces to camera or voiceover with additional footage. Perfect for: explainers, FAQs, onboarding, training, events and milestones.

Starting from: £1k

Video Marketing:

Crafted using cinematic video footage to align with your marketing objectives. Perfect for: marketing products or services, brand videos, and testimonials.

Starting from £3k

Commercial Advertising:

Broadcast quality ready for traditional and/or digital broadcast. Perfect for consumer products and services.

Starting from ~£8k

Creative Content:

Feature film quality audio-visual content crafted for narrative-driven stories suitable for high-end creative content. Perfect for short or long-form scripted and unscripted entertainment, factual and documentary programmes.

Web Design & Development:

Websites are a home for your brand online and a walled garden for your content. We help create bespoke, content focused websites and can provide training and support to empower you to update content anywhere, anytime.

Starting from ~£5k

Training & Development:

Our training equips you and/or your team to create your own content and can include bespoke support and equipment. This is not ‘look and listen’ training, our training are active workshops that provide you with the skills you need to create content.

Starting from ~£800


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Get ahead:

CREW: People power on tap

AKA Production CREW. The body and creative soul that makes your content happen. Offered to you by the hour or the day, in-studio or on-location.

Commercial Producer/Director:

Creative development and content direction



Video/Podcast Producer:

Consultation, planning and project management


£460 /day

Self-shooting Director (Video):

Creative development and content direction


£560 /day


Videographer experienced in single person lighting, camera and sound recording


£460 /day

Drone Pilot:

Licenced, insured and experienced drone pilot


£520 /day

Sound Recordist:

Specialist sound recordist for cinema quality sound


£460 /day

Lighting / Sound Assistant

Specialist sound recordist for cinema quality sound


£420 /day

Production Assistant:

Experienced assistant for camera, sound lighting and editing


£350 /day

Video Editor:

Experienced video/audio editor

£70 /hr 

£490 /day

Audio Editor:

Mixing, mastering and editing audio for distribution

 £65 /hr 

£460 /day


Experienced 2D or 3D Animator

 £75 /hr 

£560 /day

Voice Actor:

Any person who is featured in our content as voice. Rates by negotiation.




Any person who is featured in content in image and/or voice. Rates by negotiation.



EQUIPMENT: All the gear for your idea

Production equipment for a variety of content depending on the demands of your content.

Standard Camera Kit:

4K camera including lenses and tripod. Additional cameras from £100 /day


 From £450 /day

Cinema Camera Kit:

Full frame 4K camera including cinema quality lenses, tripod & client monitor. Additional cameras from £200 /day


 From £450 /day


From Interview 3 point lighting to creative cinematic lighting


£80 /day


Audio equipment for interviews, dialogue scenes, ambient recording etc.


£60 /day

Specialist Equipment:

Drone, teleprompter/autocue, camera gimbal, motorised slider


£60 /day

STUDIO: Location, location, location

The FoSho STUDIO opens in 2022 and includes a Studio Manager, excluding equipment and crew (wet hire). Studio hire without our team and equipment (dry hire) is available on request.

STUDIO 01: Video, Film & Photography:

Includes FoSho STUDIO Technician and standard studio equipment.

STUDIO 02: Podcast & Voiceover:

Professional audio-visual podcast/voiceover studio with help from our FoSho STUDIO Technician.

SUITE 03: Video/Film Edit Suite:

Professional audio-visual podcast/voiceover studio with help from our FoSho STUDIO Technician.

Photography and Film Students & Recent Graduates ( up to 1 year ) 20% Discount on Full Day Hire.

TRAINING: Create your own content crew

Delivered by FoSho Videographer and Educator Fynn Elkington, our training equips you and/or your team to create your own content and can include bespoke support and equipment. FoSho CREW is our online content school that helps professionals in any field create their own branded content with self-paced eLearning, live lessons and our tried and tested equipment packs.

Remote Coaching: Content Creation:

If you are looking for ongoing support and guidance we can help with our remote coaching by the hour.



£65 /h

Onsite – Smartphone Video Production:

Hands on workshop to help your team make content using their smartphone and additional equipment.



£650 /day

Bespoke Production & Training Development:

Empower your team with bespoke training designed specifically with your objectives at it’s core.