From The Field is our opportunity to share insights into what we’re working on here at FoSho STUDIOS. In our first episode, we explore the projects we’ve been working on across video, film, audio and training. This includes eLearning and Testimonial content for an agritech company using AI to help farmers, a music video for a London singer-songwriter, our audio podcast Cut Two and training academics at the Glasgow Centre for Virus Research.

Welcome to From The Field, an opportunity for us to share with you what we’ve been up to at FoSho STUDIOS. In this, our very first episode, we are literally in the field. You can probably tell because Fynn is slightly sunburnt – Don’t tell his Mum, as an Australian he would get definitely in trouble.

VIDEO Production:

For video production, it’s been an exciting week! We were travelling down south from our base in Glasgow to Henley-​on-Thames, Oxfordshire. We were at a vineyard, JoJo’s Vineyard run by an awesome couple and a couple of dogs. It’s quite an interesting project because we were filming a testimonial and also some e-learning content for a company called Bitwise Agronomy based out of Australia. They use GoPro cameras and farmers use them to film their crops. It goes up to the cloud and they use machine learning and computer vision to deliver actionable insights in the form of data so that it gives farmers a little bit more information on what’s happening with their crops. It was great fun and we will be heading back there later in the year to collect more content and drink some wine.

FILM Production:

It was also a great week for film production where we had the opportunity to pitch a music video concept for a breakout artist down in London, about to release his first album and his first music video. Our pitch was successful we are now deep in pre-production for the shoot which is happening next week so if you want to stay tuned keep an eye out on our socials for any updates regarding that.

Fynn asked Martin a quick question in regards to pitching creative projects: “If someone was pitching a creative project what should they be thinking about?”

“So, that was a curveball… when creating a pitch such as a music video pitch I feel like communication is key. We all have amazing ideas, but what good are they if you can’t communicate clearly what they are. I spent a lot of time with this concept, re-drafting and re-drafting, using a lot of images from the recce’s just to help plant that visual seed in the client’s head, so that was really important in successfully landing that job.”

AUDIO Production:

Audio production is our new arm of the business and we are open for business, so if you have any audio projects such as podcasts, voiceovers, audiobooks, any kind of audio-focused projects we’re ready so drop us a line. Last week we did a deep dive into the launch of FoSho STUDIOS on Cut Two, which is our late show for creatives, an audio podcast and video podcast that we produce in-house, so if you want to learn a little bit more about this brand new venture you can check that out at It is a late show for creatives, so you know, it’s not for kids.


Let’s move right along to video production training, now if anyone knows Fynn, they’ll know him as the video guy who does the training. It’s been an awesome start to FoSho CREW where we help brands make and manage their own content with training, support and equipment. One of our most popular courses is Smartphone Video Production and if there’s one group out there that really do need to communicate complex subjects, complex themes, complex solutions, it’s academics. We are coming out of one of the largest pandemics that we’ve ever known and a key part of finding solutions for the pandemic is the Center For Virus Research here in Glasgow. Over the course of the year, we’ll be providing them full access to FoSho CREW and Fynn will be delivering live lessons to get them up to speed and we’ll be helping them produce video content to communicate the vital work that they do to keep everyone safe across the globe with their research into viruses and other things. If you’re interested in seeing some of the work that these centres do in terms of research with COVID and other things, then stay tuned.

Fynn’s final thought is that when you’re out there in the field, keep a cool head. You never know what’s going to occur, who you’re going to run into and if you keep a cool head, you’ll prevail. Creating something awesome takes time, effort and talent. If we can help with your content, especially audio, we’re dying to create some audio content for clients out there, get in touch! We’ll see you next time.