Old Castle Lachlan

Crowdfunding Campaign


Old Castle Lachlan, a tranquil ruin set on the beautiful shores of Loch Fyne, Argyll, is a popular place for visitors. It is only a 90-minute drive west from the city of Glasgow yet feels remote and unspoilt. It is an important part of Scotland’s heritage, a scheduled ancient monument and ‘A’ listed building that has legal protection because of its significance. 

The conservation of the Old Castle is estimated at £1,500,000. Having met £650,000 costs of phases one and two through grants and donations the team worked with us to produce a number of videos to help get them to their goal. 


Our idea was to create three crowdfunding videos so that the website and crowdfunding campaign could be updated with quality video content. We wanted to provide an authentic exploration of the castle, it’s history and the project. We therefore recommended that we work directly with the Clan Chief himself to craft a short scripted narrative for the campaign, alongside a short documentary style video featuring key members part of the project. This was crafted to appeal to members of the general public in Scotland, UK, America and Canada. This is due to specific interest in Scottish culture, history and legacy in the Americas and much of the fundraising efforts was to be focused in this area of the world.


Video 1: A short documentary highlighting the history of the building, the project aims and the importance of saving this historic building.

Video 2: A crafted short form video making use of of a scripted voiceover from the Clan Chief himself. This was made to appeal to American and Canadian audiences because of their Scottish legacy and due to a lot of fundraising efforts in this part of the world.

Video 3: This was created to be used as a communication resources showing the building in relation to the conservation plans.