From Concept to Creation: How to Maximise the Impact of your Video Content | FROM THE FIELD E12


  • It’s time to allocate any remaining marketing budget before year end
  • And the best news is, you can take your time, this doesn’t involve scrambling to spend everything in March
  • Content is king, storytelling is key, and video is the most impactful medium to engage with audiences through sight and sound
  • We’ve got a smart way you can lock away remaining budget now, and use it to produce future video content
  • Invest budget now – and then later in 2023 we can work with you on a client case study, a product feature, a Q&A or a TV ad

Secure your content budget for the next year 

Budgets. Whether you love them or hate them, managing and maximising budgets is an essential part of marketing… and 5 April is getting scarily close. If you don’t allocate all of your 22/23 budget this year – you risk losing it – which makes it even harder to hit your KPIs for next year. Luckily, we’ve got a smart way for you to spend any extra funds. And the best news is, you can take your time, this doesn’t involve scrambling to spend everything in March. 

We know storytelling is a key component of marketing. That story could be a client case study, a product feature, a Q&A or a TV ad. Content is king and video is the most impactful medium to engage with our audiences through sight and sound. 

The fact is, you’re always going to need content. Audiences are demanding more and more video from brands – so why not get ahead of the curve for 23/24?

Option 1 – Invest in future content production

You might not have your content mapped out yet for next year. That’s ok. We can help you with that. The important thing is that you have the funds set aside, so that when an idea or brand opportunity comes up, you can jump on it.

If you’ve got remaining budget, FoSho STUDIOS can put it aside for future content projects. Take a look at some of the awesome work we’ve created recently for clients like University of Glasgow, RZSS and Fiodh Scotland. 

We’ll provide you with a proposal detailing a variety of project options, along with our rate-card. You can take advantage of today’s prices and get professional production services ready to use whenever you need them. Simply select the amount you want to invest and we’ll send you a credit note to use next financial year.

With FoSho STUDIOS, you’ll have a dedicated and experienced team at your disposal, whenever you’re ready to create. Drop us a line or set up a meeting with our Head of Production, Fynn, we can chat about production or tell you more about how we work.

Option 2 – Invest in training and co-productions 

Upskill your team with production training 

Content and production skills are increasingly valuable for marketing teams. As part of our FoSho CREW platform we offer flexible training and support on all elements of pre-production, production and post-production.

We can also visit you at your offices to deliver our training in person. We can design a bespoke training package to suit your specific development requirements – from media skills through to helping you build your own production studio! We teach you core production and editing skills, develop your confidence in creating content, and make sure that it works for your unique working environment.

Developing the content skills for your key staff is an investment in your team for the future. As the world moves more online we’re only going to see more demand for video content, and having these skills in-house can help you stay ahead of the curve. Once your team has sharpened their skills, put them to good use with a FoSho CREW co-production!

Make more content, with less, with co-productions 

The simplest and most affordable way to create more content, for less, is by activating the latent creative talent in your team. You can hone that talent with the support it needs, and ensure success with a team of experts at your fingertips. 

We call this type of content creation: a co-production. Pre-purchase hours now and get access to our FoSho CREW platform, where you and your team can create your own content well into 2023 and beyond.

In simple terms, co-production is where we: 

Partner with you across your content creation lifecycle 

Use your team’s expertise & location to record content

Use our team’s creative, strategic and technical skills – to edit 

And we create the content together – making more with less

Co-production allows you to make more content, with the same budget. Sounds like the dream, right? 

By taking some of the production process in-house you’re essentially cutting your costs in half. You just film the footage, at a time that suits you and your team, and leave the creative editing to us. We can also work entirely remotely, that includes the training, the development, the production and the post-production, so this is available to anyone, anywhere.

Invest in a content library at your fingertips

Our content library service provides a comprehensive solution for all your content needs.

We develop a list of specific audio-visual content  that can feed into your marketing and communication activities across our work together. We then film this with a professional across a day or two and this creates a library of high quality bespoke ‘stock footage’ unique to you. We can use this curated footage in our co-production work together.

The content is post-processed and categorised based on action, object, location and other custom data tags, making it easy for us to search for exactly what you need, when you need it. 

With our content library at your disposal, you’ll have the flexibility to access a single clip for social media posts, or the full library to pull together a compelling case study or event – all without having to worry about sourcing new footage every time.

Final thoughts

The end of year is a busy time. Don’t scramble to spend all your marketing budget by March, or risk losing your budget if you don’t use it. Invest in your content production with FoSho STUDIOS and make sure you can create content – when you need it – for the rest of the year!


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