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Beyond Borders Festival, rich in insightful discussions spanning journalism, literature, politics, human rights, and more, faced a unique challenge. While their content was highly sought after, not everyone could attend the festival or dedicate time to hour-long videos. Recognizing the potential for these discussions in a podcast format, they needed a partner adept in creative, technical, and organizational skills to produce a high-quality podcast remotely.

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FoSho STUDIOS devised a strategy to regularly release both archived discussions from the Beyond Borders Festival and new podcast episodes recorded remotely with key team members and field experts. Balancing creative and technical aspects, we equipped global presenters with podcast recording kits and crafted a script and schedule. The result was a weekly podcast, featuring a live recording session each month, tailored to engage a wide audience.


Effective planning and communication were crucial, considering the high-profile participants and their demanding schedules. FoSho CREW’s remote recording equipment, live planning documents, and robust online review systems ensured seamless podcast production. Collaborating with notable figures like Senator John Kerry, former Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and James Naughtie demanded exceptional professionalism and communication, which we embraced wholeheartedly.

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The Beyond Borders podcast series has been a resounding success, consistently earning five-star reviews and attracting hundreds of downloads per episode. This achievement has significantly elevated the global profile of Beyond Borders Scotland and the festival, expanding its audience reach and enhancing brand recognition. The series has not only made the festival’s rich discussions more accessible but also opened new avenues for collaboration and sponsorship, invigorating the community and reinforcing the festival’s influence in global discourse on key societal issues.